Hollywood Is Out Of Ideas 2

Example #42,318,473: Frankie Muniz’s latest bid to pay off all his cars.

For a far, far more entertaining diversion, see the 2 year old trailer for Comedian, featuring the guy who does the voiceover in the previous ad…and about half the other movies released each year.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Is Out Of Ideas

  1. Reply Nate Pence Sep 2,2004 7:03 pm

    Speaking of Frankie, just yesterday Liz saw him leaving the CBS lot driving what the internet tells me is the first GTO made in the US. Odd you should mention him the same day.

  2. Reply Ellen Sep 3,2004 6:30 am

    I can’t believe a guy who’s five years younger than me has a car that costs at least 4 years worth of salary for me….

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