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Ok, this is either a massive and very weird coincidence, or something that explains a lot…

So, I was reading this story about a woman who won a fight to have a license plate that says “GAYSROK” in support of her gay daughter.

It’s a nice gesture, although I admit I found it a bit odd. Then I noticed the woman’s nickname: Beano. And I noticed her last name was Solomon.

The mother of a girl I went to high school with had that same unusual nickname and last name. The name of the daughter is not mentioned in the story.

And I can’t remember the actual name of the mother of the girl I went to high school with, since I didn’t really know her that well and her mom’s nickname really only sticks out in my memory because it’s so odd.

So now, my curiosity is piqued. Are there two Beano Solomons running around the country? Or is this the most roundabout way EVER of finding out someone you went to high school with is gay?

Any GDS kids who read this have any recollection of these people, your assistance in figuring out whether this is the same Beano or a different Beano would be appreciated.

This is going to drive me nuts for at least a couple of days.

Edited to add: So nuts, in fact, that I looked up the girl from high school on Friendster…Let’s just say the odds that it’s just a coincidence took a major nosedive.

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  1. Reply Mark Aug 4,2005 12:08 am

    Yeah, that story happened here in Utah. Snooze.

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