Hey, Civilization! 4

I’m now in Durango, CO, which looks like Tokyo compared to the places I’ve been the last couple nights.

I cracked and got a hotel room so I can be rested for rafting tomorrow, a decision reinforced by the paddling test I took tonight.

The main part of the test was “We’re going to throw you out in a Class III to make sure you don’t freak out.”

All well and good, but god DAMN, that water was cold. I was very, very, very glad I got to take a hot shower after that.

I think I might be getting to old to go more than a day without a shower. I suppose 25 is the upper limit for living like a dirty hippie being acceptable.

Anyway, I’ll post more about rafting tomorrow if I manage to make it through without getting myself killed. Happy birthday to me!

4 thoughts on “Hey, Civilization!

  1. Reply km Jun 8,2006 12:15 pm

    it’s ok not to shower on your birthday :)

  2. Reply Jamie Jun 8,2006 2:40 pm

    Happy birthday, Ellen! Welcome to being a quarter century old…you know what that means – lower car insurance costs! ;-)

  3. Reply mrs. e. Jun 8,2006 8:39 pm

    it’s also ok to stay in a hotel room for your birthday. hope it was happy! :-)

  4. Reply Ellen Jun 9,2006 4:41 am

    Actually, I found out when I called my insurance company to tell them that I now have a substantially shorter commute that because I live in CA, I get almost no break for turning 25. Silly California.

    And thanks for the good wishes! Read above…the day didn’t exactly go as planned.

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