Health and Death 3

They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. I certainly hope so, because I’ve been feeling like I’m going to die for the last few mornings.

I’ve continued my working out 5-6 days a week, but because working out at night wired me too badly, I’ve been getting up early in the morning to work out.

I am so not a morning person it’s not even funny, but I reached a point of being sick to death of being out of shape, and I didn’t really want to change my diet patterns. So excercise it was.

But getting up at 6am to exercise is just fucking killing me. Especially because the Fridge Full Of Sugar-Free Red Bull that makes work much easier is AWOL for at least another week, probably two.

Without the seriously overcaffeinated kick in the ass that multiple free cans of sugar-free Red Bull give me, I’ve been going to bed at 11, midnight at the latest.

It’s a bit sad, although at least I feel healthier for most of the day. It’s just the first hour or so of awake time where I feel like I just might die of sleepiness.

But who knows. This will definintely either kill me or make me stronger. Let’s hope to hell it’s the latter.

3 thoughts on “Health and Death

  1. Reply Laz Aug 12,2004 7:12 am

    Working out sucks. Mornings suck. Working out in the mornings? REALLY FUCKING SUCKS.

    You must be a sadist…

  2. Reply Cleo Aug 12,2004 4:39 pm

    Sugar-free Red Bull? Working out? WAKING UP EARLY? Since when did you become me?!?

  3. Reply Ellen Aug 13,2004 5:36 am

    Laz, I think that makes me more of a masochist than a sadist. I’d be a sadist if I were making someone else do it, but since I’m doing it to myself, I think I’m technically a masochist

    And Cleo, I haven’t turned into you. I’m not getting laid nearly enough. :)

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