Head Trouble

In the space of about two hours today, my head acted both as a target and a chew toy.

Unloading groceries from the car, I closed the hatchback of my trunk square on the top of my head. I’ve already got a little Bugs Bunny-cartoon lump rising from it.

Perhaps I should get Daffy Duck with a mallet to knock that back into my head. Or I should just go around saying, “Thufferin’ Thuckotash!” At least now I’ve got an excuse.

Anyway, after putting all the groceries away, I sat down on the couch. The cat started to play with my arm like a chew toy again, but I managed to convince him to leave it alone.

And then, as I go to lie down, he just pounces on my face, bites me right around my right eye. Fortunately, he wasn’t there for long, as I pried him off with quite a bit of force.

Seriously, does anyone know a cheap cat shrink?

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