Hands-Free Fun

Hands-free devices for my cell phone are an item I seem to go through at an alarming rate.

I use them a lot, which is part of it. And my general tendency to quickly destroy anything electronic certainly doesn’t help.

But I had to get another new one yesterday, and I think it’s quite possibly the stupidest design I’ve ever seen. Granted, it was five bucks at the grocery store, but still.

It’s an over the ear design, which means that you’ve gotta shove it in your ear then put a little thing over your ear to hold it in place.

The problem is, the send/recieve button is on the actual part that goes in your ear. So if you need to adjust that piece at all, or if it accidentally gets pulled out of your ear, you have to be really, really careful not to accidentally end your call.

Which I’ve already done twice since getting it last night.

Really, I’ve seen a lot of stupidly designed things in my life, but this is just ridiculous. Of course, I’ll use it until it breaks, since I paid for it and can’t return it since it was on clearance.

But until then, if I’m talking to you on the phone and I accidentally cut myself off, I hereby preemptively apologize.

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