Grease Kitty

When I got home tonight, I was greeted, as usual, by Chaplin. However, he didn’t look quite like that picture. He had an additional big black streak on one side of his face.

I couldn’t figure out where it could have come from, and I couldn’t get it off with anything (although Chap’s violent objections to any attempts to clean him off didn’t help).

I was puzzled. There weren’t any uncapped Sharpies or anything black and goopy that I could locate, and I was completely puzzled.

Then, after emptying out the dishwasher, I looked over and Chaplin was stretched out under my bike. And as I went over and pet him, a lightbulb went on.

The black crap was chain grease from my bike. He’d tried to scratch his face on either the gears or the chain of my bike, and ended up with a humongous streak across his face.

And at that point, I decided to stop trying to get the streak off. Because I can barely get the grease off my hands with tons of soap and scrubbing. I can’t imagine trying to get it out of fur.

Looks like kitty’s going to have a bit of extra black for a few days…

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