Gooooo Work! 5

We got 11 Daytime Emmy nominations! Yay!

Our show and the View both got 11 to lead the talk shows, and Regis and Kelly was the next highest talk show with 5. Good times.

5 thoughts on “Gooooo Work!

  1. Reply Jack Mar 4,2005 2:07 am

    If you win a daytime emmy will each person on the show’s staff get a day with it just like the players on the winning team of the (now defunct) Stanley Cup? If so it’ll be a bit hard to drink from… maybe as a jello mold? for example see here

  2. Reply Ellen Mar 4,2005 6:54 am

    Heh, no, unfortunately, it’s not like the Stanley Cup (also, I can’t get that page to load). Anyone whose credit reads “Producer” will end up with a free statue of their very own.

    Everyone else will get the pride of working for an Emmy-winning show. But perhaps we can have the human interest dept. to find someone to sculpt a chocolate or butter or other food-type one for us that all of us can eat after the show.

  3. Reply Kim Mar 4,2005 8:16 pm

    But the real question is: what would you do with it if it WERE like the Stanley Cup?

  4. Reply "Cousin" Mark Mar 6,2005 7:53 am


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