Go O’s!

Cleo and I went to the O’s-Angels game out in Anaheim, and I remembered how much I love baseball. Especially when my team wins.

Cleo and her rental car took off after the 8th to beat the traffic, but I stayed until the end, which was very fun. Especially because of how the bottom of the 9th played out.

It was 7-5 O’s heading into the bottom of the 9th. The O’s manager had long since been tossed for arguing a foul ball, so I was not optimistic that the O’s would actually pull it out.

Then the Angels’ leadoff hitter got a triple. Then that guy got knocked in with a sacrifice. Finally, they (wisely) walked hot-hitting Vladimir Guerrero to load the bases.

And then, the most remarkable thing happened: Garrett Anderson grounded into a double play to end the game, with the O’s winning 7-6.

And I shouted a shout of happiness, realized I was one of about 10 people in O’s jerseys in the entire stadium, and ran like hell for my car.

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