Give Me One Reason 3

Ok, contingent on there being decent cell reception in my new place: Can anyone think of one good reason I should keep my landline?

3 thoughts on “Give Me One Reason

  1. Reply Laz Sep 14,2006 5:34 am

    I haven’t had a landline in more than four years.

    You don’t need a landline. Complete waste of money. Even if your cable modem goes down, you can get online through your cell phone anyway.

  2. Reply joanna Sep 14,2006 5:13 pm

    since you’re in civilization, no, i can’t think of a reason. however, sometimes we had trouble calling our cable company from our cell phones – multiple carriers would refuse to connect the call to the 1-888 no., which meant that we had to wait for business hours to call from work. serious pain in the ass.

  3. Reply Rebecca Sep 14,2006 9:30 pm

    I have a fax machine at home, so I need my landline. Do you have any random technology you haven’t thought of?

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