Fuuuuuuuck Oooooffffff….

An annoying new trend has shown up in my inbox: Spammers stretching out words so that they don’t have to misspell them in entertaining new ways (like VIAGKJRA), and getting around my spam filter.

I know we’re all looking for “Roooock Hard Erectiooons In 60 Seecooonds” as one ad promised me, though the most ironic one offered to “Blooooock Spaaam from your Inbox.”

You can almost hear people saying this, as if they’re saying “Noooooo!” in slow-motion in a bad action movie. And for some reason, that really annoys the hell out of me.

I was almost happy to get one labeled “DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS.” At least they have the courtesy to simply be repetetive and not searching for new ways to annoy the living shit out of the American consumer.

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