Fun With International Incidents

Man, Hugo Chavez is batshit crazy.

He’s clearly not stupid, because he takes Pat Robertson’s dumbfuck remarks about assasinating him and turns them into evidence that the U.S. is preparing an invasion of Venezuela, but still.

It’d be almost amusing to watch him flail about all the plots that are coming from the dark corners of the U.S. Government to try and get him, but for two things.

1. He believes this shit wholeheartedly, and is definitely crazy enough to do something spectacularly inflammatory to provoke a response simply so he can say, “See, I told you so.”

2. There are plenty of people outside the U.S. that take Chavez’s claims very seriously, partly because of our own foreign policy of shooting first and asking questions later.

I don’t usually post about political stuff here, but the coverage this gets in the States (“Ha! He’s totally insane! Isn’t that hilarious? We’re not even going to dignify that with a response.”) is not helping matters. And frankly, it’s kind of scary.

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