Fun With Contextual Advertising 1

The L.A. Times ran a brilliant editorial today, picking off one by one the arguments for Proposition 8, which seeks to amend the California state constitution to ban gay marriage.

However, they should probably consider turning off their context-based advertising on their editorials. Because with contextual advertising, you end up with screenshots like this (click to enlarge):

I’m not exactly crushed that the Yes on 8 dipshits aren’t getting their money’s worth here, but it does make the Times look a bit silly.

One comment on “Fun With Contextual Advertising

  1. Reply mrs. e. Nov 2,2008 10:38 pm

    i see (and appreciate) the humor, but one could make the argument that the ad placement still makes sense. let’s say there’s someone who, after reading the editorial, decides/reaffirms their yes to 8 stance…and oh look, here’s a site that fits my p.o.v.! if i’m in the times’ ad department, then i feel like an idiot, but if i’m the buyer for yes to 8’s ads, then i’m feeling like a rockstar.

    and now i’m going to stop being a marketing nerd and go away. :-)

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