Fuck, Yeah 2

I’d almost forgotten about this fucking brilliant site about my favorite cocksucking show on television, The Number of Fucks in Deadwood. They also have a fucks-to-cocksuckers ratio for you curious types.

Edit: On a somewhat related note, Louis C.K. has a new show on HBO, and it forces me to wonder: How could such a hilarious guy make such a blatantly unfunny sitcom?

2 thoughts on “Fuck, Yeah

  1. Reply Laz Jun 20,2006 7:18 am

    Lucky Louis is so bad it made me want to cry. Or watch Treasure Hunters.

  2. Reply Christin Jun 21,2006 9:25 pm

    It’s looks like ‘Everybody Loves Raymond” with no budget. And yes, it sucked.

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