For The Music-Obsessed With Some Time On Their Hands

I realize I’m doing exactly what marketers want me to, but this is too much fun and way too maddening not to pass along:

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My co-workers and I managed to find about 55 bands on there. There are allegedly 75, and I’m positivley stumped.

I’ll give you a chance to drive yourself insane, but after the jump, I’ll tell you what we found, some stuff I personally suspect, and some other stuff I can’t figure out.

Ones we came up with at work that we’re fairly sure about:
black crowes, led zeppelin; b52s, gorillaz, spoon, queen, the sex pistols, prince, eels, white zombie, seal, the pixies, guns n roses, lemonheads, cranberries, blind melon, dinosaur jr., the vines, the cars, rolling stones, eagles, alice in chains, blur, smashing pumpkins, matchbox 20, phish, deep purple, scissor sistors, ratt, great white, jane’s addiction, cowboy junkies, u2, black flag, dead kennedys, the go-gos, television, crowded house, the beach boys, jewel, 50 cent, red hot chili peppers, korn, whitesnake, the postal service, iron maiden, radiohead, manic street preachers, hole, the police, nine inch nails, madonna, garbage, the doors.

Things I think might work:
The two bloodspattered guys with guitars as the Killers, the trees at the top of the hill as Screaming Trees.

Things I’m convinced are significant but can’t figure out how:
The two chicks making out against the lamppost; the girl blowing a big bubble on the balcony; the three pineapples; the guys on the roof; the guy in yellow leaning against the wall of the shop; the inflatable doll in the shop; the acrobats in the middle of the street (one person at work thinks that’s Twisted Sister, i’m unconvinced) and the three graffiti symbols aligned vertically on the building.

UPDATE: These people claim they’ve solved it, although they also have a larger image than is on the Virgin website. Also, I still maintain that it’s the Manic Street Preachers and not the Cult, but either works.

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