For A Few Days (And Dollars) More

The rumor du jour is that the strike might get held off until next week. This is good for TV production, because every extra day means another chance to maybe get another script in under the line.*

Also, at the end of that article is a good summary of what the key issues are in the negotiations.

The biggest sticking point is currently the New Media stuff, since although it’s costly now, it’s fairly clear that if properly executed, it’s going to make a boatload of money. It’s really a question of what percentage of that boatload the writers get.

* – Scripts turned in before a strike is called can theoretically be shot, just without any changes from the writer and only very minimal changes from the director.

However, if the Teamsters honor the writers’ picket lines, as they’re sort of urging their members to do, it’s going to be very, very difficult to shoot anything without trucks to move everything around.

The Teamsters, I should note, are the only union in town that has a specific clause that says they can honor picket lines without getting fired. Pretty much anyone else who honors them is out of a job.

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