Excuses, Excuses 2

Posting may be a little light for a bit because I’m trying to figure out my clusterfuck of a job situation.

I finish my current job Friday, and I picked up two weeks of temporary work at the reality show I am least likely to ever be picked a contestant for (excluding any and all permutations of “The Bachelor”).

However, things have gotten complicated about what follows that, so I’m going to likely spend somewhere around the next week alternately untangling that situation and gobbling Advil like Pez.

All will be explained once I figure out what the hell is going on.

2 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. Reply KM Aug 19,2005 11:33 pm

    i actually like that show :)

  2. Reply mrs. e. Aug 20,2005 4:43 am

    it’s good to watch in marathons on vh1. :-)

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