Electric Blues

So my building lost power for two hours this morning, from around sixish (when I was supposed to get up) to about eight. Things I found out don’t work so well when this happens:

  • Getting up: One of my alarms is on my cell phone, but that’s my emergency backup alarm and it doesn’t have a snooze. If I hadn’t noticed everything was off when I turned it off this morning, I would probably still be asleep right now.
  • Showering: Apparently, the hot water heater in my building is electric, not gas-powered. My lovely neighbors drained what water was already heated before I managed to get up.
  • Being able to leave: The garage door was pretty much a big car cage, since without electricity, we had to roust the super from sleep to physically yank it open. He finished ten minutes before the power came back on.

Good to know in case a big earthquake ever strikes that a) I’ll probably sleep through it, b) I won’t be able to wash the debris off and c) I won’t be able to leave.

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