Ego Stultus Sum*

I’ve wanted to replace the head unit in my car for a while, but I recently actually went into the process of pricing things out.

While doing so, I got convinced by Crutchfield that, with their spiffy instructions, I could do it myself.

Seemed like a good idea, since nobody in my area sold the head unit I wanted, and then if I couldn’t do it, I could just go to a car stereo shop and get someone to install it, which I would have been paying for anyway.


All the equipment arrived via my friendly local UPS guy today, and I have to say, I think I might possibly be in WAY over my head.

Before and after (and possibly after after, depending on how badly I fuck up the install) pictures to come.

*- Latin, meaning “I am foolish,” derived from the Onion’s Latin motto of Tu Stultus Es (You are dumb).

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