Dude, Democrats Are So Gay 5

From the L.A. Times story about Kerry and Edwards’ first day working together as presidential and vice-presidential candidates:

Any residual tensions from the two men’s competition during the Democratic primaries seemed to have evaporated. From the moment they stepped before a bank of more than 50 cameras Wednesday morning, emerging from the elegant Pittsburgh-area estate of Kerry’s wife, Teresa, Kerry and Edwards looked like a couple on a blind date that had gone unexpectedly well.

And then, they made out.

Update: Political blog Wonkette finds further evidence of The Gay taking over the Democrats.

5 thoughts on “Dude, Democrats Are So Gay

  1. Reply Kim Jul 8,2004 4:02 pm

    All the pix of them LOOK like Kerry is trying to put the moves on him!

  2. Reply Joel Jul 9,2004 1:38 am

    Kerry’s hair is far too fucked up for him to be gay.

  3. Reply Amy Jul 9,2004 3:34 am

    that is really funny because when i saw them on tv at the ohio press conference, when edwards walked up to kerry it looked like they were going to kiss!! i got all excited!

  4. Reply Ellen Jul 9,2004 5:56 am

    As if you needed yet another reason to vote Democrat. Ladies and gentlemen: HoYay!

    Click here if you don’t know what I mean.

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