Drumroll Please 1

Annnnd the big news is: I’m moving!

After five goddamn months of trying to get away from “GO STEELERS! *clap clap clap* WOOOOOOO! *clap clap clap*”, I finally found a place that is a) nice and b) not completely insanely priced (for California…for anywhere else except NYC, I’d be buying at least a condo).

I’m moving to Santa Monica, and while I’m sad to leave behind America’s Smorgasboard of the Rationally Challenged, I’m very excited about there being a lot more shit within walking distance of my new place.

I’m moving Saturday, so if you know anyone in the greater Los Angeles area who’s willing to help me move in exchange for free furniture and small appliances, send them in my direction.

Pictures of the spiffy new place (new appliances! hardwood floors! granite everything! pool!) TK once I start moving stuff in.

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