Diet: The Revenge

I finally cracked and decided to do something about the massive amount of weight I’ve put on lately, and am back on Atkins.

I forgot how much the first few days suck. Your body doesn’t have any carbs to burn, but it hasn’t started burning fat yet, so you’re dead fucking tired until the effects of eating nothing but protein kick in.

One thing that’s making me absolutely fucking crazy is that 3 years ago when I did this, I was working in a crappy bar where the only carbs in sight were the petrified bags of chips that nobody ever bought. Well, and the beer, but that was in bottles.

Now, I’m working in a place where there are bagels and croissants and other pastries every morning, and bowls and bowls of candy are scattered throughout the office.

And it’s been kind of slow in the office, so half the day I’m doing nothing but staring at my grilled chicken salad, thinking about how badly I want a mini KitKat.

It’s a good thing I’m extremely determined to finally get my ass back to something approaching a reasonable weight, or I would have snapped in about 20 minutes and eaten the whole bowl.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep my whining about the diet to a minimum, but for now: Yay cheese!

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