Desperation + Goofy Theme Striking = Dating Gold

So the Writer’s Guild division of the Gay Mafia is putting together an LGBT picket, which sounds like ever so much fun.

I’ve decided I’m totally going over there, because I might actually be able to get hot/funny writer lesbians to go out with me.

You see, while in normal times, my weekly salary would not pay many an employed writer’s dry-cleaning bill, I now have the distinct advantage that I am still actually receiving a paycheck…for the next few weeks.

So I plan to take advantage of this advantage while I can, and hopefully draw to a close the dreadfully long period of singledom I’ve been suffering through for…longer than I care to try to calculate.

Striking single lesbians, your knight in shining armor* has arrived!

* – Note: Shining armor may be made of tin foil rather than actual armor as I’m really not making enough money to rent a suit of armor.

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