Damn You, KABC! 3

I hate my local ABC affiliate. Instead of running the NU-Ohio State game at 9am, they’re running assorded kiddie programs (That’s So Raven, Kim Possible, Eyewitness News at Noon, etc.).

The only two games being shown out here are the USC and UCLA games, which don’t start until 12:30 and 4, respectively.

So instead of being able to watch yet another cardiac-arrest inducing game and drinking beer way before it’s socially acceptable, I’ll be…sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Damn You, KABC!

  1. Reply Mark Nov 12,2005 6:57 am

    Which is exactly why they aren’t showing the game…because they all assume you will be sleeping.

    Actually, it’s not your local affiliate at all. ABC divides the nation into four regions and shows those games, so even if the game were on later (or the West Coast weren’t so damn far behind), you’d get something like USC-Cal or, on a lesser week, Oregon-Washington. The midwest would get a Big 10 game. The eastern seaboard is stuck with a shitty ACC matchup. The heartland gets reliably lame Big 12 laughers.

    The West Coast’s “early” game is really everyone else’s second game, because the West’s second game is everyone else’s ESPN night game. So don’t blame KABC in Los Angeles. Attack the big boys. You can see the national coverage map each week from ABC and ESPN. And if you really *were* going to get up for the game–ABC is betting that, while most of us like beer with our football at 1 p.m., Californias don’t like breakfast with their football–you’ll have to find a sports bar somewhere with a satellite feed or something.

    Of course, said bar must be open at 9 a.m. as well. So maybe you do like to drink that early. It’s California. God only knows.

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 12,2005 8:20 am

    Ah, games where Nebraska blows some patsy out of the water 77-3. I remember seeing highlights for those during the Virginia-Maryland games (and this was back before either was any good).

    And, good news: apparently the bar near Nate’s shows the Absurdly Early games. So I guess I’m about to find out about the 9am beers. :)

  3. Reply Brendan Nov 14,2005 3:44 pm

    Us East coasters got the game too…although it wasn’t really worth watching. Did anyone else who saw it want to kill the color commentator? What an ass.

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