Crazy Cat Lady Time! 2

Chaplin’s been waking me up at 4:30 the last few mornings to stare me in the face then bite me on the nose once I wake up, so I thought perhaps I should get him something new to amuse himself with.

I went to the pet store and found this awesome giant mouse/scratching post that’s stuffed to the gills with catnip, and here’s what Chaplin thinks of it:

After the jump, more pictures to prove I am turning into a crazy cat lady, courtesy of the CrapCam.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady Time!

  1. Reply Jon A May 3,2006 12:43 am

    yeah, yeah, the cat’s adorable and all, but what I’m shocked by is what appears to be a clean swath of carpet! i mean it looks vacuumed and everything! ooh la la. ;-)

  2. Reply Ellen May 3,2006 12:55 am

    Dude, my WHOLE APARTMENT is clean. For the first time…well, ever. I don’t think even my parents would believe it if they saw it. Actually, especially not my parents.

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