Still no MRI of DOOOOOOOM yet, apparently the delightful folks at Blue Cross thought I could do with a weekend of sitting in my apartment and watching Rear Window.

I had to take the trash out today, and when taking the trash out and getting the mail leaves you whimpering in pain, you know something’s fairly seriously wrong.

Also, I went to put on a pair of jeans I bought recently today and experienced everyone’s favorite delightfully distressing “they won’t zip!” moment.

Actually, not even just that. It was more, “They won’t zip and simply having them buttoned is crushing my kidneys!”

This despite being purchased at the same time as another pair of pants of the same style and size, which I wore Friday with absolutely no problem.

I double-checked the size on the tag sewn into the pants, and it claims they’re my size. I had a lot of Chinese food last night, but I don’t think I had that much.

Damn you Old Navy, and Damn you to Hell, Mr. Cranky Ankle!

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