Cleanup on Aisle 6

I think I set a new world record for clumsiness this afternoon.

I was out doing some errands for the production company’s office (I officially work for one of the production companies that produces the show, and they have an office off-lot), and I managed the most fractious display of my clumsiness ever.

First, I was at Ralph’s stocking up on drinks, and as a guy cut me off with his cart, I crashed my cart into a display, which in turn crashed into a big stack of jars of Gefilte fish, which in turn crashed to the ground.

I managed to get out of Ralph’s without breaking anything else, and went over to Staples to stock up on various office supplies. I thought I was safe, because there’s not much glass at Staples.

Except for the two-pack of big-ass fluorescent light bulbs that crashed to the ground when I was trying to get out a wedged-in box of extra large trash bags. That was a pretty spectacular sound, too.

I’m staying away from anything made of glass for the rest of the weekend.

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