Sleater-Kinney on “indefinite hiatus”? Son of a BITCH.

Tech Update 2

The problem with Safari borking up the page whenever there are comments is officially fixed. Woo!

So, How Was Your Day? 1

I present to you this link, with my only comment being: I think it was a slow news day today.

My Neighbors Are Third Graders

When the resident manager of my apartment building has something she needs to communicate to everyone, she posts a notice in the elevator. Usually, it gets defaced after a couple of days, usually by people who are displeased by its decree, and those who disagree with them (“How many fucking times do you have to ...

I (Heart) Ian McShane 2

I fucking love, love, love Ian McShane’s performance as the spectacularly foul-mouthed Machiavelli of the Wild West, Al Swearengen on Deadwood. And then, I read his comments about Deadwood basically getting cancelled, and I grew to love him even more: “I thought the whole thing was handled shabbily,” the actor says by phone from Los ...

Well, That’s Encouraging

Apparently, the portion of the San Andreas fault that runs through Los Angeles is just about ready to go, though nobody can actually predict when that will happen. Sometimes I wonder if I’d rather just not know these things if I can’t get at least a ballpark prediction on when I should stock up on ...

Television! Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover!* 1

I’m realizing what a ridiculous amount of television I watch becuse there’s not much on right now. Granted, my favorite fucking show on television is back, but that’s a bit melancholy because it’s the final season. But other than that, the Closer, and Rescue Me (which has been maddeningly inconsistent this season), there ain’t much ...

Life Limped Along At Subsonic Speeds 1

Today was not fun. A part of my foot that didn’t hurt before started to hurt like a motherfucker, and it’s a part that the brace that I wear puts a lot of pressure on. Consequently, I was in pain and thus distracted and all in all pretty much about as useful as a potted ...

Let The Whining Commence!

7am physical therapy is a tool of the devil, sent from the deepest, darkest depths of hell.

Test 3

This is a test of the emergency blog unfucking system. Update: There’s something screwy in the Haloscan code that’s making the blog act weird in Safari. I’ll fix it when I get home. Update Update, 9:40pm: Ok, I can’t quite figure out what’s going on, but it looks like the comment code is fighting with ...