Via Defamer, Michel Gondry demonstrates that even semi-insane yet excellent directors can end up with too much time on their hands…or feet: Seriously, I can’t even solve those goddamn things with both hands, concentrating really hard.

Oh My 1

If you are a rabid sports fan, you have probably already seen this site. If you are not, or even if you are, and have not seen it yet, click the link and prepare yourself for some amusement while the video loads. Make sure you stick around after the demonstration for a most hilarious mispronunciation ...

Fun Toy 4

There’s a new website where you can create your own Colbert Report “On Notice” board. Here’s mine: Orange Cat Torturing Chaplin, you’re officially On Notice.

I Need To Learn To Play This

And now, your moment Simpsons-related zen. via Dave Barry’s blog