A Hike Through Griffith Park

As part of my Continued Adventures in Killing Time, my friend Lisa and I went for a little hike in Griffith Park (a moderate one was about all my ankle could take), and I decided to use the opportunity to practice taking some decent pictures. More on my Flickr site, but here are some of ...

Merry Christmas

I don’t know what makes me laugh more, the cat’s sour look or the hand holding on the sad little Santa hat.

Ich Bin Ein Photographer

Cameron’s post about her selection by the fine folks of Schmap.com reminded me to post this. For some reason, they selected my photo of a weird-ass duck for inclusion in their guide to Berlin.

The Thing Under The Stairs

A photo essay, starring Felina, my neighbor’s cat: Felina now is just about as tired of my camera as Chaplin is. Although I did get Chap to do this, which amuses me to no end.

Note To Self

Next time you go on a giant trip, try not to take two years to label all 1100 pictures, because you might not remember much by the time you try to finally do it. In related news, I’m back to putting up more of my 400ish best photos from my trip to Europe with Mark ...

Dilemma: Resolved

Despite the arguments in favor of the remote with big orange flames painted on it, I decided to go a different direction in my choice of TiVo reward: I do like that I can jam one on over my cast to keep my toes warm. Chaplin? Not impressed: How do I get away from this ...

Cute Overload: Antarctic Edition

My dad and Ray Ann went to Antarctica in January, and since Ray Ann refuses to go digital, they just got their Picture CD back and passed along photos I can actually share. And they have some awesome pictures, most of which were taken by Ray Ann (click to see full size versions): My dad ...

Halloween Costume Parade

First, my little nephew Elias (with his mom, Trudy) as a dalmatian: And his brother Max as a fireman: Finally, I got some new boots via the fine folks of FedEx, and someone turned it into a costume. To be a little more specific: Not pictured: Me as Johnny Cash harassing my coworkers by repeatedly ...

The Anti-Crap Cam 1

I bought a Nikon D50 about a month and a half ago because really, I need some of the most advanced photographic technology available to take a picture this cute: More photo phun is available at my flickr site. Chaplin’s going to hate my guts very, very soon. Especially once I get a macro lens ...

Noted With Interest

…but without comment, these Canadian posters for Grey’s Anatomy and ER, which air on the same network up North: courtesy This. That. No Other. via Damn Hell Ass Kings.