World Exclusive Photos!

I’ve got a some photos of the new place up at Flickr, along with several photos of Chaplin helping me move. Enjoy!


The blogging shall recommence in earnest this weekend with an Old Place vs. New Place comparison, and exclusive pictures of my new place. I outbid In Touch weekly for the photographs.

Fun With The CrapCam 2

Chaplin is still adjusting to the new apartment. Guess which one is the real Chaplin and win a prize!* note: prize is the satisfaction of being right.

On Notice 1

The following people, corporate entities, and inanimate objects are hereby on notice: 1. Time Warner Cable. Four hours of pure fiasco, and I still don’t have cable. “It needs to come in from outside” apparently didn’t convey clearly enough the need for drilling, and thus for a signed note from the building manager. The manager, ...

An Unexpected Snag

Packing is going to take a lot longer than I thought it would if Chaplin keeps up his current trend of jumping in every single box I try to pack. I know cats really, really like boxes, but this is ridiculous.

Drumroll Please 1

Annnnd the big news is: I’m moving! After five goddamn months of trying to get away from “GO STEELERS! *clap clap clap* WOOOOOOO! *clap clap clap*”, I finally found a place that is a) nice and b) not completely insanely priced (for California…for anywhere else except NYC, I’d be buying at least a condo). I’m ...