How To Accessorize Your Shredder Oil 2

I recently bought a new shredder after thoroughly destroying my old one, and in doing some research I realized that part of the problem was that the shredder was never properly lubricated. Apparently, it helps to put oil on moving metal parts. Who knew? Anyway, I wound up buying some shredder oil off Amazon because ...

Would You Like To Buy A Trailer? 3

If you would, I encourage you to buy it from this dude, because his commercial is fucking awesome. via Gawker.

Pop Quiz 2

What is this an ad for? Click to find out. And laugh.

California Celebrates Naked Commercialism

In my inbox this morning, on the morning of the first gay marriages in California, I found the following item from, a spinoff of Yes, that’s right. Chemistry has decided that the best way to market themselves to their generally liberal and potentially queer audience is to nakedly commercialize one of the most ...

Fun With Unfortunate Advertising

“Cashmere Mafia on ABC….Brought to you by Valtrex!” No better marquee sponsor for a thinly disguised remake of Sex and the City than a herpes medication. That single line by the announcer made me laugh a lot harder than anything on the actual show.