Cat Advice Needed 3

If you are a cat person, please keep reading and please help me. If you are not, or are easily grossed out, please continue on down to the next post, beacuse this is a bit gross.

My cat, since I left for Idaho, has gone on strike against his litterbox. I thought it was over when I got back beacuse he seemed to be using it again.

But of course, he just left a large pile of steaming protest on the rug, probably while I was cleaning the bathroom where his litterbox is.

I’m inclined to believe this is a behavioral problem and not a medical one, since he seems to urinate in the box but do his lovlier business on my rug.

I’ve also taken him to the vet a couple of times in the last month and about the only thing that hasn’t been ruled out is kidney stones, so again, probably behavioral.

The cat was obviously unhappy that I left town without him, and I got that point loud and clear. The question is, how do I get him to start using the box again?

For right now, he’s staying in the bathroom with the box and his food until he uses the box, but I feel bad about that because it’s a pretty small bathroom and he keeps crying trying to make me let him out.

Any suggestions anyone has would be helpful, particularly if you’ve had experience with this sort of issue.

3 thoughts on “Cat Advice Needed

  1. Reply Kim Dec 31,2004 1:46 am

    The usual suggestions: add another box, try a different litter, put the box in a different location. Some cats like 1 for pee and 1 for poo.

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 31,2004 3:37 am

    Man, cats are such divas. I mean really, are there any humans (outside any weirdo celebrity story you’re about to pull out) that use one toilet for pee and one for poo?

    Stupid lovable critters…

  3. Reply Kim Dec 31,2004 9:06 pm

    Our cats use the upstairs one for pee and the one in the basement for poo…yah…I love diva cats :)

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