Brrrrrrrr 1

I spent four years living in Chicago, and during that time I was virtually impervious to cold.

I mean sure, there was the time junior year when I rode my bike to class in the howling wind and the -20 air temperature, and I said, “Man, it’s pretty fucking cold out.” But I was tough.

I have lived in Southern California for over three years now. I have gotten used to never having it be colder than 50, even in the depths of winter.

Because of this, I am now the biggest, most irritating whining pussy in the WORLD when it comes to cold.

This was confirmed tonight upon my arrival with my dad in Sun Valley, Idaho. The predicted low: -8.

It was about 10 degrees out when we came back from dinner, and the whining from when we left the restaurant ’til we got back in the house was pretty much ceaseless.

It’s not supposed to get out of the 20’s once this week. I’m so fucked.

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  1. Reply Rebecca Dec 20,2006 7:06 am

    It’s still dropping into the high 30’s and low 40’s here at night in LA. So you can still feel superior to all of us cold babies in cold SoCal.

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