Baseball Odds And Ends 2

There are many of you who know I’m rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series, despite the fact that the only team in baseball I hate more than the Sox is the Yankees.

This is because I do not ever, ever, ever want to hear another bloody word about The Curse from Sox fans…ever again.

However, the curse? Not broken yet. Not broken unless the Sox actually win the World Series. This postseason alone has borne witness to some epic chokes, so don’t count anybody in or out.

See also: Washington Capitals postseason history, or as Tony Kornheiser calls it, the “Choking Dogs” effect.

So, please, STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT HOW WELL THE RED SOX ARE DOING! All you’re doing is tempting fate.

See also: Thomas Boswell writing a column after game 3 of the ALCS talking about how the Sox should just give up for game 4, then seeing one of the best comebacks/most epic chokes in all of sports history.

I was about to link to a story that was to run in Monday’s paper about how LaRussa’s nerves are making the Cardinals choke, but interestingly, they’ve pulled that column and replaced it with this one about Schilling at the last second.

I guess he didn’t want to be caught with his pants around his ankles again…

2 thoughts on “Baseball Odds And Ends

  1. Reply Mark Oct 26,2004 2:21 pm

    Hey, can you believe how well the Sox are doing??? Up 2-0…they’ve practically got it won!

  2. Reply Other Ellen Oct 27,2004 1:11 am

    The Red Sox fans can talk about their stupid curse as much as they like in my book. It’s worth it because it means we can go ‘neener neener neener’ to all those damn Yankee fans whose team lost to the Red Sox.

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