Bad Kitty 2

Kitty apparently decided to sit on my cable remote just as my TiVo was trying to turn the channel to get Prison Break recording.

Because of this, TiVo recorded an hour of some weird OnDemand program about gardening and building large sculptures out of PVC pipe instead.

I believe I’ll be hiding the cable remote somewhere kitty can’t get to it from now on.

2 thoughts on “Bad Kitty

  1. Reply Pat Oct 4,2006 5:13 am

    How IS Prison Break? I stopped watching when they physically escaped the prison, as I figured that seemed like the original arc of the show (what some have described as the Fox plan to a show’s arc: assume you’ll get cancelled 12 weeks in, and plan accordingly). Is it still worth watching?

  2. Reply Ellen Oct 4,2006 5:28 am

    Actually, I think they recovered from a midseason slump last year. They had to have an excuse to keep them behind bars for 22 episodes, so they ended up recycling a lot of plots. Now that they’re out, there’s a lot more possibilities in terms of where the writers can take the story. I think it’s regained a lot of the early momentum it lost when they split the season in half last year.

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