Attention Trading Spaces Fans 4

I watched the Northwestern University episode of Trading Spaces that aired this weekend, and I feel a need to defend the honor of my alma mater a bit.

I swear to god, we’re not all that annoying and/or dumb!

At least Paige Davis made everyone participating look smart. That was kind of her.

4 thoughts on “Attention Trading Spaces Fans

  1. Reply Mark Aug 9,2004 3:51 am

    No shit. I watched and it brought PTSD to me, reminding me of why:

    (A) Most sorority people at NU are needlessly and unjustifiably stuck-up

    (B) They all use way too much eye liner

    (C) They are have dad’s money oozing out of various orifi

  2. Reply Laz Aug 9,2004 5:33 am

    TiVo got it for me. I shall watch soon. Once I sleep…

  3. Reply Nate Pence Aug 9,2004 6:12 am

    Will it be on again? I missed it.

  4. Reply Ellen Aug 9,2004 7:57 am

    I’m sure it will. Again and again and again. And from different angles!


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