Attention Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates 2

Please for the love of god STOP FUCKING CALLING ME with recordings of assorted famous politicians or interest groups begging me to vote for you.

“Hi, this is the Stonewall Democratic Club….”
“Hi, this is the Police and Fireman’s benevolent association…”
“Hello, this is John Kerry…”

I’d be moderately impressed if it were an actual person on the other line, but everyone’s figured out it’s cheaper and easier to get a tape recorder and an autodialer, and every person recieving these calls can spot them a mile away.

All I do when I hear it is delete it off my answering machine. Stop wasting both your time and mine, and just get rid of the damn recordings.

2 thoughts on “Attention Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates

  1. Reply Mark May 16,2005 1:28 pm

    Hullo! Dis es Ahhhnold, reminding you to stop being a girly man and leessen to my recordings.

  2. Reply Ellen May 16,2005 4:20 pm

    You only think you’re kidding. Thank GOD the vote is tomorrow…

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