I’ve been cleaning my apartment pretty thoroughly in assorted stages over the last few weekends.

This is partly because I’m too broke to have a life, but mostly because it’s been almost a year since I moved in, and I’d like to get the place back to something resembling the condition it was in when I arrived.

It’s been fairly successful. My place looks much better than it has in a while (though now it comes with significantly more cleaning fumes).

I threw out three giant trash bags of crap last weekend, but that wasn’t what made the biggest difference in how clean my place looks.

That came from cleaning the carpet.

I’ve got some stubborn carpet stains that I’d been attacking with several dozen different things, but I finally hit the jackpot with OxiClean, that crap you always see advertised at 3am getting motor oil out of your carpet.

Now why you’d have white carpet if you were consistently spilling motor oil is beyond me, but the thing is, this shit actually works. And that’s not something I can say often about infomercial products.

I’ve gone through at least four other types of carpet cleaner, and this is the first stuff that even made a dent (and it got rid of most of the stains…I’m going after what’s left again tomorrow after round 1 dries out).

It’d also been a distressingly long time since I had gotten around to vacuuming. It’s funny, but for some reason, carpet just looks cleaner when it has the little vacuum cleaner lines on it, even if you’ve done nothing but suck the top layer of dirt off.

We’ll see next weekend how much progress actually going through and cleaning the bathroom appears to make. If I can handle the fumes.

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