Annals of Senior Pranks 4

These guys have got to learn that you need to use non-live things when pulling Senior Prank.

Like my class: We got hold of 25 tons of marshmallows, and blocked the whole front porch of the school off with them, three feet deep.

Although they’re still better than the class before us at my school. They coated the whole school in vaseline, causing a couple thousand bucks worth of damage because the dipshits put it on blackboards and such.

4 thoughts on “Annals of Senior Pranks

  1. Reply Mark May 19,2005 1:45 pm

    Am I the only person whose school didn’t have a senior prank?

  2. Reply Mark May 19,2005 1:48 pm

    Or a senior prom?

  3. Reply Brendan May 19,2005 2:26 pm

    We didn’t have one. The class before us tried to make a big penis out of PVC pipe and foam, but the dad of the house they were making it at found out and cut it up.

    We did have a senior prom though.

  4. Reply Nate May 21,2005 1:10 am

    We didn’t have a prank either. Although Liz’s class walked a cow up to the second floor (cows can’t walk down stairs) and they had to bring in a crane. The class before her caused a lot of damage, they put crickets in the ventilation system, which proceeded to have babies and had to be exterminated.

    Maybe pranks are a private school thing.

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