An Informal Survey 1

So it’s Beginning of the TV Season Time again, and I’m once again getting the itch to review some of the new stuff.

I’m in the midst of writing up my feelings on one fall show that’s already premiered, and I wanted to know if you guys were interested in some of my critiques of new fall shows.

Now, granted, because of where I work, there will be several shows I can’t really review without serious conflicts of interest.

Just to name a few: K-Ville‘s pilot was directed by a guy who’s now an EP for us and their head writer used to work for us as well; Life has a former EP of ours; we’re up against Reaper; I also probably can’t give a fair review to Private Practice because of its connection to Grey’s.

However, I probably wouldn’t have time to write that many reviews anyway. I want to know how interested you guys are in hearing my ramblings, because I’ll probably do one of two things:

1. Post a big long summary of short observations about all the shows I’ve watched, plus my one longer review that I’ve already half written.

2. Post a few longer reviews of selected shows.

Which would you kids prefer? Or would you prefer to wait to make your decision until after I’ve posted my longer review?

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  1. Reply km Sep 19,2007 4:12 am

    I’d go for short ones mainly because I don’t watch much TV. I’d be interested in knowing which ones are worth it.

    In a similar vein, you should check out JohnW from England’s blog. He does something similar now and then: (many posts down)

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