Amusing Job Post of the Day 2

Looking for a job out here can be very frustrating, but at least you usually get to see one really funny, weird job posting every day.

Today’s comes from a gentleman looking for a stunt butt:

The director and producer needs someone to play that man’s posterior. He describes this as “a word class ass”. I wish that described my ass, but alas, as my ancestry is Scots-Irish and Viking – mine was built for comfort while sitting in a bog, or rowing a longship on a hard wooden plank. For these taks it is ideal, for aesthetic appeal, it is not so much the case….

…The shot will consist of the butt, and nothing but the butt – so you needn’t fear your face being associated with your ass – unless of course, you attempt to kiss your own butt, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

I can testify that the Irish portion of the ass is also good for sitting on barstools and bitching about not getting any work.

2 thoughts on “Amusing Job Post of the Day

  1. Reply Cameron Jul 23,2005 4:36 am

    HA. that rivals the one i found from a guy looking for a camera op to follow him around for a day to document how he routinely interacts with his “stuffed chicken friend.”


  2. Reply TRoyal Jul 23,2005 3:53 pm

    Wow. “World class ass.” Reality is truly stranger than fiction.

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