All Right! 5

The ‘Skins lost to the Packers!

If you’re wondering why I’m happy about that, read this fabulous Snopes piece, and give thanks to the Pack.

5 thoughts on “All Right!

  1. Reply Mark Nov 1,2004 12:55 am

    Northwestern never wins the same week as Green Bay….

    Oh, wait. Except this week. So much for that 8-week streak.

    And the Patriots will never lose, surely as the Red Sox will never win.

    Oh, right.

    Sorry Nostradamus. I don’t believe in curses, I just believe in me–that, and the stupidity of the Ohio electorate.

  2. Reply Tara Nov 1,2004 2:12 pm

    My dad, the life-long Packers fan, called me with the good news last night. After watching as much baseball as much as I have the last month, I’m liable to take almost any superstition seriously. So far, all these superstitions about the election are pointing in the right direction–might as well remain optomistic while we can. Wednesday it will all be over.

  3. Reply Mark Nov 1,2004 2:16 pm

    But still, it’s National Review vs. Nickelodeon…and so far, both those groups are 100% perfect since they started picking nearly 20 years ago. So some streaks must be broken. Something’s gotta give.

  4. Reply Ellen Nov 2,2004 6:15 am

    Fine, Mark, take away my happy spin on the ‘Skins utterly atrocious season. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW! *runs off in tears*

  5. Reply Mark Nov 2,2004 2:00 pm

    Whatever. You don’t have to endure watching them every Sunday.

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