About The Football Game 3


That was one of the most insane games I’ve ever seen. Too bad our placekicker couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Someone go find the captain of the soccer team…

3 thoughts on “About The Football Game

  1. Reply Laz Sep 3,2004 8:29 am

    Killed me, man. Killed me.

    But I don’t know if too many Big Ten teams will be able to slow down that offense, now that all the receivers are healthy.

  2. Reply TRoyal Sep 3,2004 5:47 pm

    Its actually quite easy. He has two reads a play. A zone would kill this O. And shotgun off-tackles only work for so long. With that O-line, we oughta be able to smack folk in the mouf.

    Let’s not talk about our D, although or LB corps was decent.

  3. Reply Laz Sep 3,2004 8:34 pm

    Yeah, but Herron has a smack-in-the-mouth style. He wasn’t great last night, but he will be. That, combined with a confident Basanez (he’s always had the talent) and a healthy and deep receiving corps, is pretty good.

    And remember, the Big Ten sucks…

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