A Little Too Proud 4

I’m so very, very proud of myself right now: I fixed something on my car all by myself! I did something more complicated than checking the oil!

Granted, all I did was change a light bulb on my headlight, which, to my delight, does not require a degree in rocket science. All it required was reading my car’s manual.

When I took my car to the dealer for its checkup last week, they were out of bulbs, and told me they’d have to order one from Japan and it’d be 35 bucks. So I said fuck it, I’m not waiting, I’ll go to Pep Boys.

The one near work told me they had the bulb, and it would be 11 bucks and installation would be 5, so I was already happy about the savings. But when I got there they told me it’d be a half-hour wait to get the bulb installed.

So I said fuck it, five bucks I can part with, but I’m not waiting half an hour. It’s a light bulb. It can’t possibly be that difficult, and hopefully I have the right tools.

I was stunned to discover when I looked at the manual that it was only a four-step process (and I didn’t even need any tools for it):

1. Unplug.

2. Detach holder and remove old bulb.

3. Reattach holder to new bulb.

4. Plug back in.

I looked at the diagram for a minute and was confused as to how exactly I was supposed to get the headlight casing off…then opened the hood and realized I didn’t even need to do that, since everything I needed to do was right out in the open.

But still, I did something to my car (and did it right the first time!) that was moderately complicated. I deserve to feel proud of myself!

Or at least I deserve a beer.

4 thoughts on “A Little Too Proud

  1. Reply mrs. e. Aug 26,2004 5:25 am

    beer! woo!

  2. Reply Joel Aug 26,2004 4:16 pm

    I thought your kind were supposed to be handy?? When did you become a gay man?

  3. Reply Cleo Aug 26,2004 5:35 pm

    Or, at the very least, a butchily dressed helpless straight girl?

  4. Reply Ellen Aug 27,2004 6:40 am

    Some things I can fix. Car things, not so much. Plus, you guys have seen how quickly and easily I break electronic objects. I depend on my car WAY too much to try to fix anything on it myself.

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