A Little Toasty 3

In an effort to finally rid myself of this cold, I’m trying out the theory that the constant entering and exiting of air conditioning is what’s made it so bad. Consequently, I’ve left my air conditioner on fan mode.

This isn’t anything terribly revolutionary, but it’s been a bit warmer than usual here and it’s now about 79 degrees in my apartment at 10:30 PM. Normally I try to keep it at 76, and I don’t think I realized what a difference those three degrees made in terms of comfort.

I knew it was hot in here when I got back from the (even hotter) gym yesterday and Chaplin walked up to me, then flopped over in this position:


for about half an hour. This from a cat who is apparently physically incapable of sitting still for 2 minutes when he’s awake. In his defense, it must be hot wearing a fur coat in this weather.

On the upside, between the heat and my lack of recent drinking, I’ve got a very nice buzz going off of approximately half a beer.

3 thoughts on “A Little Toasty

  1. Reply Laz Aug 8,2008 9:37 am

    76?!!?! Jesus… our house is usually kept in the 66-67 range. Seriously.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 8,2008 10:06 am

    I might keep it at 74 if my weak-ass air conditioner could handle it. But 76 is about the limit of how cool it can get my apartment.

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