Political Aside 1

I rarely talk about politics here, but if you haven’t already done it, please stop by and sign the Human Rights Campaign’s Million for Marriage petition (uh, that would be pro-gay marriage, for those keeping score at home).

Yes, it’s an internet petition. Yes, those are notoriously unreliable. Sign it. Even when quoting highly suspect and unreliable statistics, it’s nice to be able to quote large ones.

Sign it, and make sure your gay brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, whoever, don’t miss out on the enormous pressure to get married, just like everyone else.

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  1. Reply Debra May 18,2004 7:56 am

    I signed this petition a while back. Gays should have the same rights, unless the world intends to remove rights from those suffering from genetic birth defects. I only say this because it has been proven that even children show differences in the brain proving that homosexuality is not choice, it is inborn. They are no different from anyone else.

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