The Decline And Fall Of the Music Industry 3

Courtesy of Weigel, further proof that there are some bands that really do make the same song over and over again.

See: Nickelback’s “This is How You Remind Me” and “Someday”, with no edits.

And the music industry has the gall to proclaim that it’s piracy, and not blatantly inferior product combined with a recession, that has caused a huge drop in sales. Riiiight.

3 thoughts on “The Decline And Fall Of the Music Industry

  1. Reply Laz Apr 15,2004 7:21 am

    My head’s going to explode if I listen to that again.

  2. Reply TRoyal Apr 16,2004 12:46 pm

    I actuallly liked “How You Remind Me.” I’ll go find a corner to hide in now.

  3. Reply Ellen Apr 16,2004 1:48 pm

    I liked “How You Remind Me” too. Apparently, so did they, since they made the SAME GODDAMN SONG AGAIN.

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