Lazy Time!

It’s hiatus week again at the show, so there’s nothing to do there.

And unlike last hiatus, my current position allows, nay, requests, that I do nothing for a week and still get paid. So I’m here for the first couple days then I’m going to Chicago.

It’s weird, on weekends I can sleep until 3 in the afternoon without interruption, but on a Monday, my eyes pop open at 6:30 whether an alarm goes off or not.

Of course, the child whose protests against going to school and running around the halls echo thunderously through the hole in the center of my building probably didn’t help my attempts to sleep.

But I managed to sleep until noon, I went and got some software and equipment to start recording demos for a new CD, and I went to the beach.

I actually got a few things accomplished, but overall, it’s nice to be lazy.

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