Big News 5

Starting Monday, I will no longer work in the Audience department at the show.

I will be a Production Assistant at the show.

This makes me very happy. I’m not sure whether to classify it as a promotion, because it’s something of a lateral move, but it’s back under the production’s banner rather than the independent contractor I’ve technically been working for.

So it’s at least a huge step in the right direction, if not technically a promotion.

And I will actually have health insurance! Real, honest-to-goodness health insurance! There’s also a little more variety as a PA than as an audience coordinator, which will be nice.

My mom was really happy when I told her. I tried calling my dad, but since he’s in New Zealand right now, his tour group was just sitting down to tomorrow night’s dinner when I called, so I left a message for him.

I had to ask the desk clerk at his hotel to preface it with “This is good news,” since I told him I’d only call in case of emergency, and he’d probably have a heart attack if he heard from me without that preface.

Anyway, I’m really happy, and I think I need a celebratory beer, having already eaten some celebratory pancakes at IHOP. But I thought y’all would like to know.

That, plus I wanted to brag.

5 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Reply Jamie Mar 27,2004 11:46 am


  2. Reply Casey Mar 27,2004 3:19 pm

    That’s awesome! You are so Industry it hurts.

  3. Reply Laz Mar 27,2004 6:51 pm


    Hey, how come you weren’t in that Day In The Life Of The Ellen Show or whatever it was called skit? Looked like everybody else was!

  4. Reply Ellen Mar 27,2004 11:45 pm

    Sadly, I wasn’t in it because I was actually working. That was only about half the staff, actually. It was mostly assitants or people who had little or nothing to do on Fridays when we don’t tape, plus the writers.

    And (trivia time!) the woman who corrects Ellen about the three-hour tour is Kate Schellenbach, formerly the drummer of Luscious Jackson (and briefly, long ago, of the Beastie Boys).

  5. Reply Lindsay Apr 1,2004 3:25 am

    many many many congrats! :) it sounds fabulous, dahling.

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